Know About Us

We are a channel partner of fotonVR under Noble Enterprise PTY LTD. FotonVR is an award-winning company for its innovative solution in the education sector. Our solution includes Virtual Reality based educational content of Science for grade 5 to 10 and VR Setup for Schools, Institutes, and Individual Globally.  With fotonVR children are experiencing virtual tours of the things they may not, or could not ever experience in their lifetimes..!!

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Our Focus

Our main focus is to provide virtual reality science tutoring with interactive sessions. Our importance will be entirely on making students understand the concepts well rather than just scoring marks by memorizing it. We make learning more interesting and curious for students

  • Students Interest
  • Makes Learning Easy
  • Comfortable Hardware


Our Mission

It is the future of Education and Our mission is to increase student engagement by improving creativity with better knowledge retention through the personalized experience of virtual trips!


Our Vision

Our goal is to upgrade the education sector by reducing the burden of education by providing immersive and adventurous experiences with innovative Virtual Reality technology which results in burden-free conceptualized education.

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